Who Am I?


Kathlyn Hossack BScKin, CAT(C), Numa Somatics Facilitator

As a Certified Athletic Therapist, Kinesiologist and Numa Somatics Facilitator; Kathlyn is well adept to work with both body and mind. She specializes in helping her clients heal through bodywork, breathwork, and mindful movement practices. 


Who Should See Kat

Kat has experience working with all sorts of musculoskeletal, nervous system injuries and traumas. She also specializes in work with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, trauma recovery and deep tissue body work. 

Those looking to rehabilitate an injury, work through residual effects of trauma, or decrease old pains and tensions will find excellent resources with Kat's guidance. 


What to Expect

At Evoke the goal is to assist a client in resolving the root cause of any given issue. Whether it's simply getting you back on track after an injury or helping you unlayer trauma (known or unknown) in the body and mind- Evoke is here to help. 

Your initial session will include a comprehensive assessment and treatment of any acute issues. From there we will develop a plan with you to move forwards. This may include bodywork, movement prescription, lifestyle coaching, dialogue and facilitated breathwork.