The Practice



Something for everyone.

At Evoke, the goal is to resolve the root issue of any given issue.  This means factoring all aspects of health: Mind, Body and Emotions. This therapy can assist with pain relief, lower back pain, stress related symptoms, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal injuries, unresolved trauma and much more.



How we heal has become fractured and disconnected. At Evoke the goal is to realign how we heal and connect the dots. 

I believe that healing comes from a integration of the body and mind, and that its impossible to heal and evolve one without the other. My practice is rooted in helping my clients develop long term skills in navigating their health and healing.


Body + Mind

Everything is connected. What you'll find at Evoke are uniquely tailored services to who you are, and where you are at each present moment. With training in athletic therapy, kinesiology, psychosomatic breathwork, and mindfulness; there is no question that your body and mind will be factored into your sessions. Our body and mind holds more wisdom than we are aware of. Evoke helps us open the door to our ability to heal. 



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