Your first session will include a detailed consultation encompassing your concerns and goals. From there we will do a postural analysis, movement screen, and assess any immediate issues regarding your initial concern; developing a plan to move forwards. 


Athletic Therapy/Kinesiology

AT/Kins are experts at movement assessment, hands on treatment, injury rehabilitation and movement prescription. As a pro in athletic therapy, Kat can assess, treat, and manage all sorts of musculoskeletal injury or pain, lower back pain, nervous system related issue, or chronic pain. 


Psychosomatic Breathwork for Rehabilitation

Our breath is a powerful tool for us to tune into our true selves. Breathwork is used to assist in regulated the nervous system, relieving pain/tension, release unconscious beliefs, rehabilitation from traumas, and anxieties in a subtle, non-invansive way. 



Using training in massage, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, acupressure, psychosomatic body mapping, and intuitive touch... Bodywork by Kat is like no other. Expect deep release that targets both body and mind and moves you forwards in your rehabilitation goals. 

Mindful Movement


Whether you're recovering from injury, trauma or just looking to add some more connection into your lifestyle- mindful movement is an excellent opportunity to explore the body and mind connection. Suitable for pain management, rehabilitation, lower back pain, stress management, improving mobility and overall health. 

Chronic Pain


Kat has worked with many chronic pain and has a special interest in working with these clients. Fibromyalgia, EDS, Nerve Pain, and other cases involving chronic conditions have benefited from her offerings. Often these clients feel like they've tried everything already, often with little to no results. Kat's specialty to this clientele is evident in her high success rates in improving quality of life for those struggling with chronic pain or chronic disease. 

Mobile Offerings


Is traveling to our clinic inaccessible to you? Kat is happy to offer services at a distance. She regularly travels to all areas of Winnipeg, Carman / Pembina Valley, Brandon, Birds Hill Area, and even goes to Alberta routinely for clients. 

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